Best Gaming Glasses Reviews 2017

If you’re also asking this question to yourself, let me shed some light on this topic for you! The Gunnar Premium Rx prescription glasses are engineered by Carl Zeiss Vision and ground robotically for precision, compared with the standard Gunnar Rx lenses, which are ground with analog technology, presumably by the same sort of equipment and human control with which most optometrists grind lenses.

They’ve been producing glasses for quite a while and are very proud of their patented lense technology. Interestingly, in cataract surgery, it is common to insert a replacement lens with blue light blocking properties similar to what you find in GUNNAR lenses. Big ear cups with cushioned ear pads offer maximum comfort comparable to any other gaming headset.

I still need to take breaks from my screen, but overall felt less eye strain on days where I used them and have an easier time reading the signs at night when leaving work. The lightweight material of the glasses for gaming also rids its frame with any chances of usual weight imbalance that can disrupt your gaming experience. In conclusion, you can wear these glasses even if you don’t wear prescription glasses, especially if you like the design.

Anyway, the company says that it has a solution: wear their glasses ($100 to $190) whenever you’re using the computer or a pocket gadget. With these things in mind here are the top 10 best gaming glasses in 2017 reviews. Additionally you have to take into account the cost of the gaming headset/ headphones and batteries. These glasses can be worn by anyone, even those who do not use prescription glasses and provide an amazing comfort level.

If you spent the same amount of time working on a computer you’d not question the health effects, don’t go thinking that gaming and general computer use are all that different. They work for me. Reduced eye strain, to the point when I finish a good session behind the PC my eyes are not at fatigued, tired, nor rubbed to redness. I do know TheraSpecs does have a type of glasses that fit over your regular prescription lenses. When buying the glasses one should also take care of the quality of frame, lenses, their compatibility with head phones and much more. So far, the thing that’s impressed me the most about these glasses is their ability to make on-screen motion less painful.

Fortunately, I’m the sort of gaming lunatic who connected his tower to his HDTV so he can play Steam games on 55 inches, so I still got a good sense of what it’s like using the Gunnars with a PC. I included a link at the bottom of my website to a page called Get Sponsored” This page detailed how anyone could begin promoting my glasses and earn $10 for each sale. Several of my co-workers who are far-sighted were disturbed by the magnification on the glasses.