Significance of Riding Pants:


Riders do give preference to the riding jackets, helmets and gloves but often overlook the importance of riding pants which I believe is an essential riding gear like others and requires attention. The prime purpose to get a perfect riding pant is to scale down the influence on knees, legs and hips in case of any mishap or an accident. Riders have their own choices regarding the material used in the preparation of the riding pants. It can be leather motorcycle pant or a textile motorcycle pants depending upon the personal liking of the rider.

So, how riding pants really works for its potential users? It mainly comprises “Protective Armor” at the knees and in some cases at hips as well. Pants fulfilling the true meaning of riding pants are the one that are well equipped with the armors. Numerous companies are involved in making of these protective armors. All you need to do is to check out for minimum CE Level 1 certification. Do investigate for the authenticity of the documentation. If you are looking for better armor protection then go with the ones that satisfy CE Level 2 certification.

Furthermore, when buying a riding pant, do try them on in first place before paying at the cash counter. Watch for the armors that they fit well in place on your knees to provide immense protection. Armors should not be loose as they might get misplaced and you end up hurting yourself in case of any misfortune. Moreover, do not buy the one that are hurting you and delivers uneasiness. The armors must be capable of providing you a comfortable feel.

Material used for making Pants:

Leather Motorcycle Pants:

Leather being the most abrasion resistant is best known for cruising around on a bike. Riding pants in leather material provides the most defensive shield and protection against bruises and injuries. Leather motorcycle pants are usually considered to be worn during winter season and are avoided in hot weather conditions.

Synthetic Textile Motorcycle Pants:

Synthetic material often includes nylon, polyester, mesh and other fabrics. Riding pants made with such sort of material offers a comfortable ride during mild weather conditions. Such riding pants are usually preferred by casual riders rather than then aggressive ones.

Denim Motorcycle Pants:

Some riders only like wearing pants made with Denim material. However considering the safety point of view these pants are not at all abrasion resistant and are never recommended to be worn while riding. There are some manufacturers who are preparing denim pants with armors but still these pants does not provide as much protection as the leather motorcycle pants do.


Substantial Features of Riding Pants:

  • Most pants come with front pockets for carrying personal accessories like mobile phone and wallet.
  • For a perfect fit, most pants come with adjustable waist straps.
  • Most riding pants also comes with slit ankle cuffs which are adjustable and allows you to wear under or over your boots as per your requirement.
  • There are a few pants that come with the adjustable protective armors.
  • Textile Motorcycle pants often comes in waterproof and windproof material
  • There are pants that also come with thermal lining.
  • Some pants comprise cooling vents which satisfies the ventilation purposes.

Thus, riding pants come with exclusive features and is one of the most ignored riding gears. Whenever, a rider meets with an accident, the knee is usually the first part of the body to hit the ground and if the pants do not hold protective armor then the rider might ends up with a serious injury. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the importance of a perfect riding pant and make it a part of your wardrobe.